Jason Liszkiewicz—Big Bang Tango Media Lab Webmaster and Archivist of the Unpublished Works of Howard Bloom. Among the anchors of the Big Bang Tango Media Lab, Jason Liszkiewicz entered the world during a snowstorm in New Jersey on New Year's Day in 1976. Jason's broken family, his position as an only child, and his many moves gave his life a harsh start. But he distilled the sort of insights from pain that pleasure alone cannot give.

Jason's college years were wedged between years of harsh physical labor in carpentry, industrial coatings, and concrete shot blasting, fields most middle-class kids never get to see. These strengthened Jason’s work ethic and his perseverance. They also gave him the ability to pay his own tuition and allowed him to travel from coast to coast, hitting 26 states in six months, visiting places like San Francisco's fisherman's wharf, Medford Oregon's hill country, Louisville, Orlando, Boston, New Orleans, Savannah, Georgia and its small town satellites where moon-shining still goes on. Despite these interruptions, Jason excelled in computer courses, drawing, cartooning, and creative writing. He attended three schools in two different states, North Harris and Montgomery College in Texas and Pima College in Arizona. Yet he made the Dean's List two years in a row. He was an omnologist in the making. He stubbornly refused to take a major and wrote and studied on his own.

Jason has travelled before and after college, broadening his horizons by living in locations from San Francisco to Phoenix, Tucson, and Houston.

Drawn to underground elements in music, art, and literature, and seeing the world’s unbalance on many levels, JZ (as he is known to his friends online) works to raise the level of human consciousness through his work with the Big Bang Tango Media Lab. He shares his unconventional interests and talents with others who share his goal of bettering a damaged and often dysfunctional society.

In the spring of 2004, Jason returned to the east coast to fill the position of personal assistant to scientist/author/scholar/ex-rock star-maker Howard Bloom.

Currently JZ is preparing Bloom's massive 4,600+ chapters of the "Grand Unified Theory of Everything In the Universe Including the Human Soul" for web publication. Meanwhile he labors to add more content to the Big Bang Tango Media Lab's website while working to expand other future side projects for Howard Bloom as well as his own personal ones such as Re-Configure and The Earth Intelligence Network.

JZ's hope for the BBT Media Lab is that all its members will continue, "to inject fresh perceptions and fresh energy into the social veins of our malnourished human network." Contact: JZ[at]BigBangTango[dot]Net

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